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What is Vanessa Herrera from NBC 7 San Diego doing now?

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If you read the "About Us" section you know the gist of what Hyde & Chic MKE is about.

But there's a whole backstory on why it came about.

For those of you who have been curious to know what I have been up to since leaving my job at NBC San Diego I've secretly been very BUSY!

For those of you who are new to me, welcome!

I'm going to go waaay back to my childhood to catch you up. It's a long one but the idea behind Hyde & Chic MKE will all make sense in the end...

I was born and raised in sunny San Diego and there are a couple key memories that stand out to me still today:

1) My love (more like obsession) with horses and competing on them

2) Watching local news with my parents after waking up in the morning and before going to bed at night.

Thanks to mom and dad (no sarcasm here!), they pushed that life with a career in horses would be tough and dad made it clear that college was expected, not optional.

Fast forward to my college years when I had no clue what I was going to do with my life but then someone said they could picture me being on TV - in news.

"You mean, like my idol, a beautiful flawless anchor named Kimberly Hunt?!" Hmm...

I went on to study Communications with an emphasis in TV News while working for a mobile large animal vet. To me it was the best of both worlds.

If I somehow could have combined horses and TV news my life would have been made!

In college and while interning at the local FOX affiliate I was given fair warning about the news biz... how competitive and challenging it is to land a job that isn't in some ho-dunk town in the middle of nowhere, and if you're a lucky one to get in the industry how stressful it is, how challenging it can be, how the hours are tough, the days are long, and holidays well, you're lucky if you don't have to work one.

You get the picture.

Two weeks after graduating from Cal State San Marcos, I was offered a temp on-air reporting job in Bakersfield and then a few months after that, a contract on-air job in Yuma.

The entire time I was in Arizona I had one goal in mind and that was to land a job in San Diego.

If I had a dollar for every time someone sarcastically told me, "good luck" I wouldn't have needed to get a job.

While it is rare for someone with little experience to go from a small market news station in Yuma to San Diego, I was determined... and I made it happen.

After two years in Arizona, and days before my wedding, I loaded up my car and moved back home.

NBC San Diego had faith and hired me as a freelance multi-media journalist (meaning most of the time I shot, wrote and edited my own stories).

After one year of that, I was offered a job as the weekend weather anchor.

Okay, getting an on air job in San Diego was my end goal but that was a DREAM COME TRUE!

Let's fast forward another couple of years and my contract with NBC was about to expire. (I told ya this is a long one!)

I had no doubt in my mind that I would be asked to renew my contract but there was more to it than that.

My crazy work schedule was not only getting to me, but also to my husband and our marriage.

I worked weekends, most holidays, and it was pretty common for my schedule to change from week to week so some days I would work mornings, others I would work days, and then there was the dreaded night shift.

That meant a lot of times my hubby and I would see each other sleeping more-so than being awake. Spending an entire day together no matter what we were doing felt like a vacation because they were few and far between.

This lead to some long, serious, sometimes tear-filled talks about our near future.

In late November/early December everything seemed to work out the way it was supposed to. Although, at the time I'm not convinced we fully believed this.

Hubby was offered a job managing a product line for Harley Davidson Motor Company at their headquarters in Milwaukee.

That lead to more serious talks about what I was going to do. I was pretty certain of one thing. I did not want to get in the news business in Milwaukee and my hubby 100% supported that!

I felt like I accomplished it and lived the dream but I was ready for something new!

I remember laying on our couch in Carlsbad one Sunday morning (before heading into work) and we were brainstorming. I had NO idea what I wanted to do in this next chapter but we searched the internet, Pinterest, Instagram, you name it.

We had one question in mind. "What type of business does San Diego have to offer that Milwaukee is missing out on?"

f a s h i o n   t r u c k s !   m o b i l e   b o u t i q u e s !

After doing a little research on business licensees, permits, etc we knew this was it and started thinking of a name.

Hyde & Chic MKE!

Hyde - a little play on words here (cowhide) since we would be living in Wisconsin which of course is America's Dairyland

Chic - because Californians know style and that's where I was born and raised

MKE - well, because we're based in Milwaukee and that's the nickname

We had the name picked and I had a secret Pinterest board made before either one of us left San Diego.

In early December, hubby quit his job in Orange County and moved to Milwaukee.

A few weeks later, I quit my job and drove across the country (most of the way with my dad - God Bless him!) and we started our lives here.

Focusing on Hyde & Chic MKE at that time was a challenge with the cross-country move and buying our first home but I worked on it every chance I had.

In January (freakishly on our wedding anniversary) I officially became a business owner.

Everything about starting a business is brand new to me and boy, have I learned a lot!

As I said before, the idea was to launch a mobile boutique and still is but...

I got pregnant! :-)

Starting a family was in our plan for this year but not quite that soon. Hah!

So that, and a few other business-related things redirected the plan for 2017 and launching this online boutique which will help Hyde & Chic MKE expand in the near future.

Keep your eyes open for the mobile part to launch sometime in 2018!

I think you did enough reading for today. :-) There will be posts and YouTube videos to come with more on launching my first business, fashion, and other topics.

In the meantime, if there's anything else you want to know or hear about in a future post, email: or message us on instagram.

Happy shopping! xo-Vanessa


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