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DIY Sign So Easy Even I Did It!

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Hey, guys!

As you've seen on Insta I have been really busy working on the pop up shop. (I will write an in-depth post about it soon!!)

One thing I needed to make was a sign because how are people going to know what shop they're walking into without a sign?!

My logo was handmade by a talented friend, Ron. You can find him on Insta here. So it is pretty unique and there's a lot of detail in it and I love showing it off!

The first thing I did was I took my logo and basically put it into quarters so I could enlarge it to the size I thought would be good. I did this using Paint and Word and will not tell you it was simple. It was a little time consuming especially taking each quarter and taping them together so they line up. BUT, I will say I thought it would be easier to make the sign on 4 pieces of paper and then find a piece of wood that it fit instead of doing it the other way around. And I'm glad I did!

After searching Pinterest to figure out how I was going to actually get the sign on a piece of wood, I went to Hobby Lobby to see what kind of wood I could find, and to color match some paint for the pink part of the logo.

I was able to find exactly what I needed (not surprising I mean, it IS Hobby Lobby after all). I bought a natural-unpainted wood frame, some chalky finish white paint, a little tube of black paint, a little tube of pink paint, and some brushes.


Sounds simple enough right?!

Eh well that was until I got home and thought to myself, okkkkay. Now what?!

Next best thing to Pinterest when it comes to DIY, mom!

My mom is crafty and I wish I was blessed with that skill. I need my hand held through every step or it ends up being another unfinished craft project.

Anyway, mom says, "Oh you just trace the logo onto the wood with a sharp pen and press down pretty down hard on it. It will leave an indentation. And don't worry if it's not perfect."


That night I painted the wood white and let it dry overnight. The next day I was still a little hesitant but I was having one of those days were I felt like I had the patience to do it!

I taped the big paper logo to the wood, traced it, pulled the paper off and VOILA! I could see the indentation!!

FINALLY, the fun part of taking a paint brush to it which was also time consuming but I truly don't mind painting.

Work In Progress

t took a couple hours but here's how it turned out!

Ta Daa!

When hubby got home he looked at the sign and said, "No way. You painted that?" Yup. I sure did! :-)

This goes without saying, but you can do this with any wood sign DIY project you have. I promise you, if I can do it, you definitely can do it.

And while we're on the topic of painting, I spent three full days filling holes, sanding, cleaning and painting the pop up shop. Here's a couple progress pics. I will do a post about it but I am so excited to begin decorating it in true California style.

 Pop Up Shop Before Painting & Staining Work In Progress...

Want to help me decorate it? Comment on this post with a word that makes you think of California.

Thanks for reading. Happy Monday and happy shopping!


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